Once or twice a year I will take on a challenging and interesting project outside of my day job.
Some of this work has been commercial, but usually the objective is good fun and lots of learning.

Commercial projects

Artisan Artists
A music publishing business created to promote and release Jonny Goode's debut album "This is England".
A website planned to promote Dave Howcroft's farm as a tourist destination.
Catching a Break
On hold.
Electron Journal
Intended as a host for independent journals, now closed.
The Knowledge Studio
The consultancy I started in South Africa and later moved to the UK.
Little Berries
Characters, logo and photography for this cookery business.
A concept to generate economic upliftment in small communities from soccer and the World Cup.

Academic and technical projects

Financial services management system
A system (and consultation) to improve the administration and compliance of a hawala-type financial services company in the UK.
Heath and Safety System
This application provides comprehensive functionality for managing health and safety at a medium-sized manufacturing business. All necessary details of people, activities, equipment, locations, risks, incidents and monitoring are recordable. Report outputs include templates for inspections, and the system also includes document management functionality to scan and retain paper records. This POC is currently in use and is the basis for SafetyWare, a cloud-based safety system designed by myself and written in PhP by Andre Labuschagne..
Online Journal of Project Management
A free electronic journal with some unconventional features, sadly closed.
Research Document Management System
A DMS written to manage several thousand academic and technical electronic publications. A tree is used to represent the ontology, documents are indexed and linked to the tree, and there are several search, categorisation and output functions.