Some personal information, if you need it!


I am a data, information and knowledge management expert who has worked for a range of industries and organisations in the United Kingdom, Europe, Africa and Asia. In pursuing a project-based career I have been fortunate to have worked on diverse and exciting solutions in five areas:
  • Data architecture
  • Data governance
  • Information systems design and development
  • Knowledge management
  • Project management
Organisations that I have worked for include ASDA, the Automobile Association, Fedex, Hannover Re-Insurance, Leeds Beckett University, SABMiller, SASOL, the South African Government, SA Airways, Telekom Malaysia, Wm Morrisons Supermarkets and Wilkinsons.

My qualifications consist of an MSc in Information Systems, an MBA, a PhD in knowledge management and vocational training in technology, management and safety. A collection of my certificates may be found here.

My research interests are varied, and a collection of my published work may be found here:
  • innovation and creativity
  • learning systems and pattern recognition
  • grounded theory and document analysis
  • knowledge management
  • project management
  • consumer behaviour
  • effecting change in resistant environments.

Any spare time is taken up with photography, walking a crazy spaniel, DIY, writing and tutoring postgrad students. I used to dabble (here) and ride motorcycles (here), but there are no longer enough hours in the day!


Life is full of strange coincidences. I came to Yorkshire because of my studies. Michael Bickley traced the family roots back to at least 1274, and I discovered that I was working 5 miles away from where my mother's family had been living for 500 years in Yorkshire. A PDF of the family tree may be found here.

Here you may find an archive of old family photos that were lying in boxes, waiting to be scanned, captioned and categorised. Please contact me if there are any details you'd like corrected or require copies of the original high-res scan.

And here is Yvonne's page with some recipes and writing.